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    Choosing a New Oven

    Does it feel like your oven has always been there, like an old workhorse serving out its time? When you choose a new fitted kitchen, naturally you will want...

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  • 23

    How to Have a Minimalist, Working Kitchen

    What’s so attractive about minimalism? You might be put off because you think of it as a kind of stripped-back, cold look, almost austere (and austerity is not hugely...

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  • 17

    Dads Use Bedrooms Too

    It’s Father’s Day this weekend, on 18 June. If you haven’t got him anything yet better get your skates on! However, you might also want to use the occasion...

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  • 02

    Creating a Shared Bedroom for Siblings

    When siblings share a bedroom, there can be challenges, especially if they’re different ages, or sexes, or both. Often, though, it’s not a matter of choice but necessity. But...

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