Serving The Local Community

Whether you live in Colne, Skipton, Gisburn, Ribchester, Clitheroe or Hebden Bridge, when you want to make changes to your home it can feel like a big commitment, a major project. Kitchens and bedrooms have a place of pride in our homes because they are where we go to for comfort, reassurance and security. They are also a mark of our own tastes, an outward display of who we are.


So, it’s important that you feel you’re making the right choice when it comes to fitting a new bedroom or kitchen. If, for example, you’re looking for a new master bedroom for your detached bungalow in Hebden Bridge, where will you go to find exactly what you want, and who will fit it for you?


We know t’s a matter of trust. That’s why, at PD Designs, we pride ourselves on being a local company, serving the local community. You get to know us, and we get to know you, so that when you want that new bedroom or kitchen, you can talk to us, tell us your needs, and we’ll be on hand to make it all happen for you. 


We’re Well Grounded


PD Designs is a family run business, based in Nelson. We’re well grounded in the area – all our staff are from Lancashire and we’ve seen the places we serve grow and develop as people realise the dreams they have for their home interiors.


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So, we’ve fitted kitchens in Colne, made bedrooms come alive in Clitheroe, and transformed homes across Lancashire and Yorkshire.


What kind of fully-equipped kitchen does a converted farm house in Gisburn, Lancashire deserve? Or how do you turn a teen’s bedroom in a Ribchester period property into a stunning, contemporary hangout? We know our customers have these kinds of questions, and because they’re our customers, from our area, we understand their needs and desires, and the places they live in, so we can offer solutions that will work in their unique living spaces. Call it our USP.


PD Designs are acutely aware that places have their own local character and charm and, together, all the individual properties in an area add to this. Therefore, we believe it’s part of our job to tap into this local feeling, to properly serve local communities by offering the very highest quality bedrooms in Skipton and kitchens in Hebden Bridge; installing new fitted kitchens in barn conversions and period cottages in Gisburn; bringing new fitted bedroom designs to new builds and bungalows in Ribchester; and modernising kitchen spaces for Victorian terraces and listed properties in Clitheroe.


Your Choice, Our Experience


One of our guiding principles is that customers in our local area shouldn’t have to search far and wide for the right choice when it comes to a new bedroom or kitchen. At PD Designs we offer both contemporary and classic designs, and innovative storage solutions, to help you make the most of your kitchen or bedroom space.


Because we understand the local areas we serve, and the people who work for us come from these same communities, we’ve developed a real feel for what works when it comes to making changes to home interiors. We know that, for some customers, they want something that’s new but fits in effortlessly with their period home, which is why, over the years, we’ve found the right kitchens for Victorian-built homes in Clitheroe from our classic range of designs.


On the other hand, when you have a spacious converted farmhouse in the countryside, we know that you might want a more contemporary kitchen design, maybe with an island to make the most of your available space, which is why, in the past, we’ve also brought cutting-edge contemporary kitchens to barn conversions in Skipton, North Yorkshire.


In some houses, we know that space is a premium, which makes our fitted, sliding door storage solutions ideal for period property bedrooms, such as one we recently designed and fitted in Colne.


Understanding What You Want


Here at PD Designs, we understand that no two homes are the same, even if they’re next door to one another. Moreover, people have very individual tastes, and some of this comes from where they live. That’s why it’s key for us, as a locally-based business, to understand the environment and the locality, because this helps colour people’s choices when it comes to their new kitchen or bedroom.


Having individual, made-to-measure fitted kitchens and bedrooms can make all the difference to a home and to its character and so, for us, a key part of the process is understanding what you, our local customer, wants. From our two decades of experience, we know what a wide range of property styles, ages and sizes there is across the area, and we also know that our customers have very different ideas from each other about what kind of kitchen or bedroom will go with the property they’re living in.


Again, getting this right goes back to trust. You’re trusting us with making your dreams into a reality, with coming into your private space and transforming it for you, so we want to be deserving of that trust. Hence, we believe in delivering a very personal service, that serves your needs and takes on board everything you tell us, because success only comes from clarity, from us understanding what you want and, more importantly, helping you to achieve it.


Local Availability


So what if the answers to all your home improvement questions were right there on your doorstep? At PD Designs, we believe they are.


Don’t be misled into thinking that if you go with a big, national company, this is guaranteed to translate into a better experience. While some bigger businesses might have a strong customer service culture and the dedicated resources for it, that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re better, and you might consider whether, as a national rather than a local company, they are actually going to be in tune with your individual requirements.


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We pride ourselves on being readily available to our local customers, so that you know you can easily contact us and we’ll be there to talk to you about the work you want. If you need to discuss it, you can call in to see us at our showroom in Nelson, or we can pop round to visit you instead, to have a good look at your property and see what you require.


The human aspect of dealing with our customers is very important to us, because it’s only through talking to people in a relaxed atmosphere that we can make sure the kitchen or bedroom you desire is something we can deliver.


Plus, we firmly believe it is this local decision-making that is the key thing that makes us different from the rest. Our business comes from here, from the same place as our customers, and that truly helps us to connect better than any of our rivals.


Kitchens Skipton, Bedrooms Skipton, Kitchen Skipton, Bedroom Skipton, Kitchen Colne, Bedroom Colne, Kitchen Ribchester, Bedroom Ribchester, Kitchen Nelson, Bedroom Nelson, Kitchen Burnley, Bedroom Burnley, Kitchen Blackburn, Bedroom BlackburnGet In Touch


For sliding doors in Skipton bedrooms, contemporary fitted kitchens in Colne or classic designs to suit your home in Hebden Bridge, then please email PD Designs at sales@pd-designs.com, or phone us on 01282 602222. Alternatively, please complete our online contact form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.