Bespoke Solid Oak Bedroom

The team at PD Designs had a great time designing and building this stunning bespoke fitted bedroom, which was made for two delightful customers with a clear idea of what they wanted.Having already done quite a bit of research before finding PD Designs, these customers had begun to lose hope that they would ever achieve their dream bedroom. With a very definite style and layout in mind, they had been told by several other bedroom companies that their designs were not feasible and had been persuaded to have something different instead.

After sitting down with the customers and having a good long chat about their designs and ideas, PD Designs were thrilled to be able to let them know that we could give them exactly what they wanted, and for much less than they had been quoted elsewhere too! Needless to say, when this gorgeously elegant bedroom was finished, we had two very happy customers on our hands!

This room features a fitted bedroom in solid oak, manufactured in our own workshop in Nelson, Lancashire. The fitted units include a headboard, side chests with dovetail drawers, a window seat with extra deep drawers for storage, floor to ceiling wardrobes and a matching radiator cover.