It’s Not Too Late To Spring Clean Your Bedroom!

The bedroom is your nest, where you can snuggle up and get your much-needed rest. However, because the bedroom is your nest, you’re likely to accumulate stuff in it, so that it can become a little too nest-like and a little bit full of clutter.


During the long winter months, when comfort is a vital – and when the days are so much shorter so you can find yourself getting up and going to bed again in darkness – taking stock may be a low priority. But with spring comes the lighter, longer days, at last. You begin to feel that familiar sense of renewal, so this is the ideal time to refresh your bedroom area.


Here at PD Designs we care about the space you live in, and how you can improve it with innovative storage solutions. So, here’s our advice on giving your bedroom a thorough spring clean, whilst also making lasting changes. 


  1. Check Your Bedding


Above all, you want your bedroom to feel fresh as well as look it, so start with your bedding. Strip the bed, including the sheets, pillowcases, pillow protectors and mattress protector – the whole lot, and get them into the washing machine, with a mild detergent and plenty of fabric softener. Now what about the pillows though? If they look icky and discoloured, consider your options; can you wash them? Check their label information but, if not, then it may be time for some new ones? For that matter, what about some new bedding altogether? It is spring, after all, and you want to give your bedroom a boost.


And now, the mattress. This can be the big one – literally, if you’ve got a double bed! A mattress may not to be something you clean regularly, or at all if truth be told. But why not? If you want your bedroom to feel truly fresh and renewed for spring, here’s what you need to do with your mattress; firstly, vacuum it, on both sides, to get the dust and dust mites out of it. Secondly, you need to air it; if possible, do this outside somewhere sunny, but at the very least get it off the bed and stand it on its end, to help remove any accumulated moisture, because this can cause mould. Finally, are there any stains? If so, you can remove these with diluted washing-up liquid, but be careful not to use too much water. For more stubborn stains, try applying some laundry detergent directly onto the area, or even baking soda, and leave it overnight.


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Once you’ve tackled the bed, then it’s on to tidying the rest of the bedroom!


  1. De-cluttering Your Bedroom Space


Bedrooms are like magnets, they attract lots of things, quite a few of which don’t strictly belong there (this goes back to the nest thing). No matter how hard you try, you can end up filling your bedroom with things you think you want near you, but rarely do, and this is how you end up with lots of clutter. Clutter can be anything from piles of books and magazines to mugs, cups and plates, discarded clothes and shoes and other various random items that have mysteriously migrated there from other rooms.


So now is the time for the great dispersal. Everything has its place, and that place might not be the bedroom at all, so, if it doesn’t belong there, remove it! Books go back on the bookshelf, or to the charity shop. Crockery goes into the kitchen and, hopefully, the dishwasher. Magazines and newspapers should be recycled if read, and if you haven’t read them, then work out if you’re ever going to read them before disposing of them, or moving them elsewhere.


Once you’ve taken the stuff away that doesn’t belong in the bedroom, you’re left with cleaning and tidying what’s left, and this is the time to start looking at your bedroom storage.


  1. Hanging, Folding and Storing


The key to tidying and cleaning your bedroom and, crucially, keeping it that way, is storage. Out of sight, out of mind is simply not a proper solution, because if you just pick everything up and just stuff it somewhere, then you’re not tackling the root causes. You really do need to be tough on clutter, tough on the causes of clutter, so, take a deep breath and look at the whole thing strategically.


What is the state of your drawers? Are they overstuffed and overflowing with clothes? If this is the case, then trying to cram more into them will only result, ultimately, in more untidiness and clutter, like trying to fill a bucket with hole in it. Instead, there are two ways of tackling overflowing bedroom drawers. One is to do a thorough sweep of the contents and rid yourself of all the items you no longer need, or that don’t belong there in the first place. Trust us, there will be things you can chuck out that you’ve probably forgotten you even had.


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The second way is to look at how you store your clothes. Some items of clothing such as shirts, blouses and t-shirts you can hang up in fitted wardrobes, rather than fold. There are also alternative, additional forms of storage you might consider, such as storage containers that can be stacked in your wardrobes, or special storage boxes that can slide under the bed. Ideally, you should look at a combination of both methods, to ensure you have nice, tidy and easy to access bedroom storage system.


Also, if you’re a compulsive buyer of clothes or shoes, then try instigating a ruthless, one-in, one-out policy, to keep your bedroom storage manageable. We recognise that this might involve some tough choices, but it’ll be worth it, and we’ll bet your other half will be chuffed!


  1. The Long-term Solution


Be honest, do you really want to be going through this whole process every spring? As with so many things, prevention is miles better than cure, so fitting out your bedroom with the right, permanent storage solutions is the best answer to keeping it clean and tidy, even during those long, nesting winter months.


Fitted bedroom units, sliding door wardrobes and clever storage solutions can effortlessly transform your bedroom and vastly increase your useable space, and will change how you use your bedroom, permanently.


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And that’s where PD Designs can help, because we have a whole range of storage solutions, from innovative, minimalist modern designs to classic fitted bedroom units. Trust us, Spring cleaning is a great and noble ideal, but you really could make life so much easier on yourself with an enduring transformation of your bedroom space. Plus it’ll make it look so much nicer too, so it’s win win!


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So, whether it’s your nest, your refuge or your leisure space, your bedroom is important, and more than ever in today’s hectic world, you need a space you can feel relaxed in. Above all, you need to be able to feel at your ease there, and a de-cluttered, fresh-feeling bedroom will do this for you.


Talk to PD Designs today about changing your bedroom so that it always feels welcoming and relaxing; you can contact us by email at sales@pd-designs.com, or phone 01282 602222. Alternatively, you can complete the contact form on our website and we’ll respond as soon as we can.