How to Have a Minimalist, Working Kitchen

What’s so attractive about minimalism? You might be put off because you think of it as a kind of stripped-back, cold look, almost austere (and austerity is not hugely popular at this moment in time). In fact, a minimalist kitchen can be bright, welcoming and a sheer pleasure to be in, whilst being supremely functional at the same time.

Minimalist kitchens are massively on trend for a reason – they are a winning combination of form and function, and having one can make a huge difference to how you cook, entertain and make the most of shared family space.

We specialise in fitted kitchens that we plan and design specifically for your home, bespoke to you. Here are our tips on what qualities will make your kitchen a minimalist masterpiece. We’ll focus on design, layout, features and making the most of a minimalist kitchen once you’re in it, because getting the best out of it also depends on how you use it.

Efficient and Purposeful Kitchen Design

Image depicts three different styles of minimalist kitchens, stark white scandi style, warm earth tones and marble worktops

Keep it simple – that’s the motto of minimalism. It doesn’t mean being overly plain or boring, or so pared-back that the space feels cold and unwelcoming. On the contrary, having fewer items, but retaining the things that are meaningful, and functional, enables you to make the most of your kitchen space as the true heart of your home.

Important things to remember are:

  • having a focal point for your kitchen, whether it’s a dining area, a kitchen island or stunning worktops;
  • making sure each part of your kitchen has clear breathing space;
  • making the most of your storage; and
  • giving your kitchen a largely neutral look, but with certain key elements to add character and interest.

Eliminate the excess and remove any frills. Resist the temptation to over-decorate. You can start the minimalist process with your existing space. In preparation for your new kitchen, be ruthless in chucking out any appliances that are past their best or you never use.

As the natural hub of the house, kitchens tend to collect clutter, some of which takes up permanent residence. Before you start with something new, now is the time to do a full sweep and take out all the stuff that really doesn’t belong there, and won’t be welcome in your new kitchen.

What Goes Where?

Layout is critical in minimalist kitchen design. It’s about making the best use of available space, and this applies to all sizes of kitchen. Whereas space may be more of a premium in a smaller kitchen, in larger areas it you can too easily find yourself wasting it.

There is a natural, triangular workspace in the kitchen, between the stove, the sink and the fridge. It makes sense, therefore, to design your layout to serve this central functioning zone.

You can arrange work surfaces and countertops to bridge the gaps between each of these areas, but avoid having anything obstructing traffic in the middle.

Images show minimalist kitchen spaces whit a copper wood contrast with sage and neutral earth tones

In terms of colour, you don’t have to go all monochrome and industrial, though this on-trend style does work for family kitchens, not just for aspiring, high-powered chefs. Warm copper tones and wood features also complement minimalist designs, alongside ever-reliable shades of white.

Whether it’s pale elegance, warm greys or industrial lines, there’s plenty of choice for minimalist kitchen colours.


Neat Features

With the minimalist kitchen, you want to create as much space as possible, but you don’t want to waste it. So, think of wall-mounted racks for utensils, or a magnetic knife-rack.

On the same note, corner mounted kitchen cupboards are a great way of making use of otherwise wasted wall space, but be careful not to overload your walls with cupboards, as you may cause the kitchen to feel too cramped and closed in.

Images show storage options for a minimalist working kitchen, including industrial style kitchen island, corner cupboard and slimline pantry

Storage is vital, even when you’ve eliminated the unnecessary extras, so consider a slim-line, pull-out pantry that can occupy a narrow space and not take up much room. This is a clean, elegant storage solution. Also, opt for kitchen drawers with depth to provide plenty of room for utensils and accessories.

If you’re going for a kitchen island or breakfast bar, ensure you get seating which you can neatly store underneath it, so that you keep as much space free as possible. You should follow the same principle for your waste storage, ensuring it goes beneath a cupboard or worktop and doesn’t take up too much room on its own.

There are also smaller, but significant changes you can make regarding features that will add to a sleek, minimalist look. Kitchen units without handles are increasingly popular because they appear so plain. Ensuring you have tall cupboards to store your appliances will keep your fitted kitchen looking free from clutter.

Full length, floor to ceiling cabinets offer a seamless storage solution while making your kitchen space appear larger.

Image shows minimalist kitchens in industrial colours, sleek scandi style and wireframe illustration

Work Your Minimalist Kitchen

The minimalist kitchen is not just dependent on design, but also on action. To make the most of a minimalist fitted kitchen, whether you’re in Burnley or Hebden Bridge, Clitheroe or Colne, means adapting your daily habits to work in harmony with your kitchen layout.

This means being mindful of what you use, and when you put it away afterwards. No minimalist kitchen will stay looking sleek and functional for long the dirty dishes pile up, and the general clutter starts to return.

Think of the kitchen equipment you can’t do without, and get rid of the rest. This may seem radical, but it can encourage a better, more efficient use of your kitchen. Stick to your tried and tested utensils, and the cookery books you know you use, that contain recipes your family and friends like to eat.

Remember, working in a minimalist kitchen should make your life easier, not restrict what you can and cannot do.

Images show minimalist kitchens with sleep worktops, handleless cupboards and breakfast bars

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