How To Create More Space In The Bedroom

The humble bedroom has changed a lot over the years. Once upon a time, bedrooms were merely functional rooms; they were the place you went to sleep and nothing else. Also, until as little as 20 years ago, we didn’t have nearly so much ‘stuff’. Now we have stuff coming out of our ears, and our bedrooms are also our offices, our playrooms, our cinemas, or just our space away from the world (or the kids).


And so, in recent years, our bedrooms and our bedroom furniture have undergone a rapid evolution; from the very functional bedroom sets of our Grandparent’s time (usually two wardrobes – his’n’hers – a bed and a dressing table) to the all-singing-all-dancing fully fitted bedrooms we see in vogue now. Today, our multifunctional bedrooms are more likely to contain a desk than a dressing table, and be filled with all sorts of things that our Grandmothers would never even have dreamed of. 


So how do you keep control of the hoards of things we all now own and make sure your bedroom remains your calm and peaceful space away from the world? Well, fortunately, PD Designs are here with our top 3 tips to help you create more space in your bedroom, so that you can make the most of your room and enjoy it in whichever way you choose.


  1. Organise Your Storage


It’s a very modern problem isn’t it; what to do with all the things that just seem to accumulate in our lives?! It doesn’t even matter if you’re a million miles away from being one of those crazy hoarders, no matter how hard we try these days, we just seem to have so much more stuff. Even if you’re ruthlessly strict about throwing things out, particularly if you have kids, it nevertheless seems to amass.


Fortunately, as this is a universal problem faced by us all, there are as many clever storage solutions out there as there are things that need storing, so all you have to do is work out which of them will be best for you and will suit your style and budget. There’s certainly no reason for storage to be expensive, but there’s also no reason for it to be ugly either, and whatever décor your bedroom has there will be some clever storage solutions out there to match it.



At the budget end of the market, you can obviously go for the pound shop plastic boxes; they’re cost effective, they stack easily and you can fit loads in them in. Plus, if you have somewhere suitable to store them out of sight, then they’re the perfect solution for those with tons of stuff but little spare change. At the other end of the spectrum, you can buy some much more beautiful storage solutions, such as wooden (rather than plastic) crates, or why not have a look online for some really clever and quirky storage hacks that could add some real flavour to your personal space?


What’s more, once you’ve chosen your preferred storage containers, it’s equally important to make sure the place you choose to put them is just as appropriate. If your boxes are none too pretty, then hide them out of the way – such as under the bed or on top of the wardrobe – or, if you’re using something more quirky for your storage options, then why not make them into a feature of the bedroom? However you choose to do it though, make sure you get your storage solutions in order to avoid your bedroom turning into a glorified under-stair cupboard.



  1. Dual Purpose Your Furniture


One of the key ways of maximising space in your bedroom without losing functionality is to double up the use of your bedroom furniture. This is an especially useful trick if you’re working with a very small room, where space is at a premium, although it also works equally well with larger rooms where you’re looking to create more space or make room for an additional feature.



The principle behind this is simple; instead of having individual pieces of furniture for every conceivable use, create dual functions for them instead. So, for example, you could place your chest of drawers next to your bed and use it as your bedside table as well, or put a mirror over the top to create a standing dressing table. A great way of creating extra space in children’s bedrooms is by buying (or making?) a high bed with a desk or play area underneath, or get a desk with plenty of drawers and do away with a separate chest of drawers.



Once you start to think about it, there are plenty of great ways of getting additional uses out of your bedroom furniture that will maximise the amount of space you’ve got to work with within a bedroom.


  1. Get Your Wardrobe Groove On


Obviously, the best and most efficient way of creating more space in your bedroom is by getting a fitted bedroom suite made bespoke for your room. Whether you choose to go all out and have the whole room fitted wall-to-wall, or you prefer to just have fitted wardrobes and leave the rest of your furniture free standing, the benefits are plentiful.



In particular, fully fitted wardrobes can single handedly transform any bedroom; as they are most often built floor to ceiling, you get so much more space in fitted wardrobes than you get with free standing units, plus if you choose to have custom made storage solutions built in then you can resolve all your storage issues in one fell swoop. If you decide to opt for a fully fitted bedroom instead, then you get even more storage space in which you can hide all your clutter out of the way and leave the rest of your bedroom as a calm and relaxing area.


Another benefit of a fully fitted bedroom is that, as it’s made-to-measure, the units will perfectly fit around the idiosyncrasies of your room, meaning you can often get useable space where you would otherwise have had nothing. This works particularly well in older houses, where walls may be uneven or you may have small and unusable alcoves, meaning you can maximise the available space with functional storage units and leave the rest of your room for whatever purpose you want to use it for.



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However you choose to do it though, once you start to put some thought into it, there are many different and inventive ways that you can create more space in your bedroom and create your perfect haven away from the rest of the world.


If you’d like to find out more about how to maximise the space in your bedroom or would like to speak to PD Designs about how to revolutionise your room from a clutter filled mess into a zen like zone of peace and tranquillity, then why not get in touch with us today?


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