Fairytale Bedrooms for Girls and Boys

Once upon a time…

These words are timeless and have a magical quality. Fairytales have an enduring appeal for children, and their parents, which makes them an ideal theme for kids’ bedrooms, for both girls and boys.

What do kids want from a bedroom? They want to feel safe, in a place that’s their own, and they want to feel comfortable, and free to express themselves. A child’s bedroom is both a sanctuary and a place for letting imaginations run wild.

Whether it’s a fairytale bedroom in Hebden Bridge or Clitheroe, Colne or Skipton, Ribchester or Gisburn, it can be a place that transports children to somewhere magical.

Fairytales combine reassurance with the promise of escapism. They can feel dark, mysterious and a bit challenging, but things end happily ever after with a sense of everything restored and in its right place. Fairytales are full of heroes and princesses, wicked witches, evil stepmothers and friendly helpers.

They create a sense of awe and delight.

Who wouldn’t want these qualities in a child’s bedroom?

The Enchanted Forest

forest themed bedroom with tree wallpaper, yellow bedding, and bird decals

Deep in the woods is where magic happens. It’s the world of Hansel and Gretel, and Little Red Riding Hood, and of Narnia’s friendly woodland creatures.

Fitting a bedroom out like a forest might seem like a challenge, but it’s a case of getting the basic features in place then using accessories to build up the full picture.


Wallpaper or wall murals are an essential aid to transforming the space and laying the background for your theme. Try things like tree shapes, leaf patterns, with contrasting green shades. Or go for illustrated wallpaper with forest-fairytale themes.

Mood lighting adds atmosphere, so combining LEDs with the forest-themed walls creates an immersive, woodland feel.

Focus on features next. The bed and sleeping area are key. Why not design a tree shape to house the bed, or to form a corner feature of the room?

Alternatively, use green netting to create a sense of enclosure around the bed.

Toadstools feature heavily in fairytale forest imagery and they make great themed cushions of different sizes. You can also use the dotted toadstool theme to create a roof of a playhouse within the bedroom.

Tip: don’t go overboard with the darkness and forest atmosphere – the important thing in fairytales is that the characters get to leave the darkness behind, so ensure there’s enough natural light and contrasting colour to keep things bright and cheerful.

The Fairytale Castle

Castles are a staple in fairytales, from Snow White and Beauty and the Beast right up to the present day Frozen. They are therefore, an obvious fairytale theme for children’s bedrooms. Like the enchanted forest, the fairytale castle can work for both girls and boys, with the styling you choose determining the tone.

Again, what you put on the walls will help establish the whole bedroom design. This might be a landscape, or castle walls themselves, or even a castle in the distance, like the classic Disneyland imagery.

Turning the sleeping area into something regal involves things like four-poster beds and plenty of velvet and tapestry-style accessories.

You can even incorporate the bed into the theme by turning it into a drawbridge, with a castle façade built around it, if you’re feeling ambitious.

It’s a question of scale – you can go all out, or more modestly set a tone with how you decorate and dress the room. The key thing is making the theme serve the basic layout of your child’s bedroom, while keeping things the right side of being practical and functional.


The Land of Adventure

marine style bedroom with blue sea theme

This one’s more wide-ranging in its scope, taking a loosely Peter Pan-themed concept and including things like pirate imagery and encampments in the wild. You might also slip a bit of Narnia in here, such as a section of the room that has a snowy, winterland theme.

Bunkbeds lend themselves excellently to adventure-styled design, where you can use them to create a ship’s cabin look, or accessorise them so they feel like the interior of a tree house.

Tee-pees and other tent-like shelters work well as additional play areas. Another great adventure theme is the hot air balloon. This involves making the ceiling above the bed look like the bottom of the balloon, then using wallpaper, or your mural-painting skills, to recreate a bright blue sky on the walls. Don’t forget to make the most of the clouds to achieve a truly magical effect.

The bed then becomes the basket beneath the balloon. This intensifies the sense of the bed as a place of shelter and comfort.

Your Carriage Awaits

princess themed bed with flowers on the canopy in princess bedroom

Cinderella is possibly the most famous fairytale of all, and while it involves some of the themes we’ve already mentioned – castles and enchanted forests – its centrepiece is the carriage that takes Cinderella to the ball.

It makes sense, therefore, to consider making this the bedroom’s key feature.

To an extent, this works in the opposite way to the other themes, where you focus on the backdrop then add the accessories.


Here the carriage bed sets the entire tone of the room, and while it might seem elaborate, it potentially makes everything else quite easy, in terms of sticking to bright wall colours and light coloured bedroom furniture.

In fact, because the carriage bed has a certain wow factor, keeping the rest of the bedroom décor relatively understated makes it more impressive, and attractive for its occupant.

Tip: go easy on the pink. You can get carried away with the whole princess theme, but masses of candyfloss colouring can feel too oppressive. Think of whites and touches of silver and gold to get that essential fairytale feel to complement Cinderella’s carriage.

You could even take a more leftfield approach and style the carriage bed in its ‘before’ stage, as a giant pumpkin. This is a quirkier approach – but consult your client first, because they might have very firm ideas about their own bedroom and what a room fit for a fairytale princess should consist of.

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