Dads Use Bedrooms Too

It’s Father’s Day this weekend, on 18 June. If you haven’t got him anything yet better get your skates on! However, you might also want to use the occasion to think about his needs in the bedroom. Wait, hold on, we don’t mean those needs.

No, what we’re talking about is bedroom space, and whether it works for both of you, because a couple’s bedroom is all about sharing the space while recognising that each of you will have your own requirements.

A couple can have very different ideas about décor and function for the bedroom they share, so we’re taking this opportunity to remind you, with a few tips and suggestions about fitted bedrooms and bedroom design, that dads use bedrooms too and there is a way to make it a relaxing sanctuary for both parties.

The Art of Compromise


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Remember when you first moved in together? Well, it may seem a long time ago, before you had your own family home, but somewhere along the way it would have involved a degree of compromise.

People have different tastes, and different ways of seeing things. The danger with a shared bedroom is that familiarity, and taking its comfort for granted, can lead to a kind of gentle exclusion.

For example, who chose all those scatter cushions? Whose shoes take up the most space and is that wardrobe equipped to handle ties, shirts and suits?

Reaching a compromise on the style of your bedroom and its layout is the thing to aim for so that you both get the most out of the space you share.

One idea is to shop together when it comes to fitting out your bedroom. That way you reach an agreement about various items from the start, whether it’s the colour of wall paint, the design of wallpaper, the layout of wardrobes or the bed itself.

The other side to this is clearance. If you’re doing up your bedroom and you need to get rid of things first, also do this together, so you’re both clear, and happy, about what needs to go.

Be honest with one another. If you never liked his picture by his side of the bed, tell him. And if he isn’t so keen on your décor, and he lets you know, take it with good grace. Everything should be up for discussion and open to negotiation. Remember, the bedroom is shared between you.


The Perfect Balance

Think of the basics first: what does your bedroom look like? Is it a riot of soft furnishings and pink shades? Is there a distinctly masculine zone somewhere in there, in rather jarring contrast to the rest?

What you want is a space that strikes the right balance between his and hers. For this reason, choose neutral colours as the base for your bedroom décor.

Neutral doesn’t mean bland. There’s drama in grey, brown and navy shades. Anthracite or charcoal grey is particularly striking and navy is very fashionable and dramatic. Alternatively, look at colour pairings. You’ll be surprised at how what you think are clashing colours can go well together – such as teal green and rose, or sky blue and raspberry.

Next try a bit of mixing and matching. Those all-important cushions, which, frankly, he just doesn’t get, can work for both of you if you throw a few more masculine patterns in there, a bold, monochrome check, for example.

The same applies to furniture. This doesn’t have to be uniformly one style, so think about combining, say, an angular bed frame with more rounded edges on cabinets. Have some antique pieces alongside contemporary designs.

The idea is to create a space which suggests a joint signature, rather than primarily the domain of one person which the other just happens to sleep in.

Lighting is also a crucial element. Think about mood here, and how you can enhance it with the right lighting, such as dimmers to create a more muted artificial light.

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Divide and Conquer

Some things require clear demarcation to work for both of you. This doesn’t contradict with a sharing ethos, but rather it helps with the practical, functional role your shared bedroom plays.

As with many fitted bedroom designs, storage is the crucial thing here. If you’ve one large fitted wardrobe stretching the length of the room, then it’s vital that you create a clear zone for his clothes. Does he wear ties to work? If so, then give him space for these, and for his work shirts, jackets, trousers and suits.

Think about how this area of the wardrobe will be bespoke for his clothes. He’ll probably store them differently to you, and some of his casual clothes such as t-shirts may require drawer space.

Yes, you may well have two or three times more clothes than him, but this shouldn’t mean he must fight for wardrobe space.

The other solution is separate wardrobes altogether, space permitting. This gives each of you the freedom to have your own system for storing and accessing your clothes. Just be careful about encroaching on individual space that isn’t common territory.

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Fit for Function

Does your bedroom double-up as an alternative room for study or work, or simply for some me-time? If dad needs some space of his own and the bedroom can provide it, then make it official. Designate a clear work space for him with a desk and some storage.

You can still have a shared, couple’s bedroom with clearly designated zones. Imagine your makeup area. That’s definitely not a shared space. The same might apply to his particular area.

What’s important is to make any division work in the context of the whole room, so that it all goes together. Remember to start with the basics and work upwards. Get the foundation for your shared bedroom space right and the rest will fit in nicely.

Father’s Day is imminent. Celebrate it by giving your bedroom a makeover and making sure your other half feels welcome in it.


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