Welcome To Our New Website

Welcome to the first post of our new blog!


Well, what a busy few weeks we’ve had here at PD Designs HQ; so much so that the last couple of months have simply flown by in a blur and we’re not entirely sure how we’ve ended up at March already. And, of course, as we all know, Wednesday 1st March was the first day of meteorological Spring, which is precisely why we all woke up to snow in East Lancashire on Thursday!


But enough about the weather, that’s not what we’re here for. We are, however, here to introduce you to all the great things that PD Designs has been up to, and all the great things we’ve got planned for the future too. We’re very excited about it all, because it’s a step in a new direction for us, but that doesn’t mean we won’t still be doing all the other things you know and love us for; we’re just branching out into a brave new world!  


Our New Website


As you might have already noticed if you’ve got your glasses on, we’ve got a brand new website! Yep, everything you see before you is new; do you like it?


It’s not that there was anything wrong with our old website, but it had served us well for many years and was now beginning to look rather outdated. Not only was it not up to the modern standards of websites generally, but the design looked tired and old (we know the feeling!) and we no longer felt it reflected what we, as a company, were capable of.


Hence, several months ago we sought the help of a fantastic local web design company, Bandicoot Ltd, to conceive and build a new website that would be fit for purpose and would mirror, online, the high standards and cutting edge design that we put into our kitchens and bedrooms offline. With the help of content experts, GrowTraffic, who wrote all the content for the website and tailored it exactly to fit our needs, we eventually managed to create this stunning website that you now see before you. Obviously, we couldn’t have done any of this without the help and expertise of Bandicoot and GrowTraffic but, despite that, we’ve put blood, sweat and tears into the creation of this website and we must say we’re incredibly proud of the result.


But although we love it, what we think is not really the primary concern in this instance; what matters most to us is what you, our loyal customers, think about the new website…so do you like it? We’d love to hear your feedback and your views, so please do get in touch with us (our contact details are below) and tell us what you think.


Our New Blog


You might think a new website would be enough for now to keep us going but no, we’ve still got more up our sleeve! In addition to the new site, we’re also launching our brand new blog, which you will be able to find right here every single week.


Before you start thinking though that a blog about kitchens sounds mind-numbingly boring, you might just want to think again, because were aiming to do something a little bit different with this blog, so it won’t just be week after week of cupboard doors. Well, it won’t be cupboard doors EVERY week, anyway!


Instead, each week we’re hoping to bring you something interesting from the world of bespoke fitted kitchens and bedrooms, to create a blog that you’ll actually want to read even if you’re not completely obsessed with fitted kitchens and bedrooms, like we are. Of course, there’ll be the usual updates on what we’ve been doing recently (including one or two cupboard doors!), but there will also be the latest news items from the industry, articles on what’s new or what’s changed, features on the latest innovations and designs, plus some really handy practical tips on how you can make the most out of your own kitchen or bedroom at home, whatever your circumstances are.


Trust us, you’re going to love it; it will be the best kitchen and bedroom blog you’ve ever read in your lives!



Our New Newsletter


And just to make sure you can keep up to date with every single edition of our brand new blog, we’re also launching a brand new email newsletter, which each month will bring you a roundup of all our latest news plus all the blogs from the previous month, all delivered straight to your inbox.


That means that you don’t even have to remind yourself each week to read the blog, just sign up once for our email newsletter and we’ll do the rest. And not only will our email newsletter allow you to keep completely up to date with the blogs, but it will also mean you can be the first to hear all the latest PD Designs news about our latest products and services, plus find out about any special offers we’ve got coming up, which could just save you a small fortune (especially if you’re planning your own kitchen or bedroom renovation shortly).


Join Us On Social Media


We’re also going to be revolutionising our social media output in the coming weeks too (yes, we didn’t think we had enough to do!) so, if you really do want to be the first to find out about our news and any special offers we’ll be promoting, then there’s no need to wait until the end of the month for the email newsletter! Instead, you can join us on social media and you’ll be the first to know about anything that happens…it’s like the best kind of curtain twitching, but without any effort whatsoever.



And again, don’t be afraid about befriending a kitchen manufacturer or fitted wardrobe expert on social media either; all our posts won’t just be about cupboard doors, and we might even make you smile! If nothing else, it’s worth giving it a shot; you can always unsubscribe again if you hate it.


Get In Touch


So, if all of this sounds like it might tickle your fancy then why not join PD Designs as we enter this brave new world of 21st century technology and embrace the future? Come on, don’t be scared, we’ll all do it together!


You can be our friend in any one (or more) of the following ways;


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  7. You can give us a ring on 01282 602222.
  8. You can complete the contact form on the website and one of the team will get back to you ASAP.


See, what could be simpler?! And of course, if you’ve got any questions at all, please just ask away.