Tags: Kitchen

  • 07

    Choosing a New Oven

    Does it feel like your oven has always been there, like an old workhorse serving out its time? When you choose a new fitted kitchen, naturally you will want...

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  • 23

    How to Have a Minimalist, Working Kitchen

    What’s so attractive about minimalism? You might be put off because you think of it as a kind of stripped-back, cold look, almost austere (and austerity is not hugely...

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  • 09

    Making Space in Tiny Kitchens

    We’re not all blessed with a roomy, spacious family-sized kitchen. Whereas this is often painted as the ideal – the hub of the home from which a quality lifestyle...

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  • 31

    Top 5 Tips For Your New Kitchen Project

    Here at PD Designs, we understand that getting your new kitchen is a big deal, and something that you want to make sure you get right the first time...

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